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Best Oil less deep fryer 2016


Best Oil less deep fryer 2016

To get crispy and golden fries, you need a quality fryer. Besides, who does not like the fries? This food so popular with young and old. We distinguish, among others, two ways to achieve this kind of cooking. The first type of frying is to completely immerse the food in a large amount of oil, while the flat frying is that the system footprint of the pan, simmer for as vegetables and fish. If at the base, requires frying oil, this process has been improved over the time.

Now you can get fried without using oil. These include hot air pulsed fryers. In any case, these devices are both economical and safe because the chips obtained are devoid of fat. In addition, consumers are turning more to the fryer without oil. Therefore, we decided to establish a comparison of the best products on the market as well as some reference guides to orientate the choice, maintenance and use of this device.

Comparative table
To help you make up your mind I have put together this comparison chart where I collected all my models of Oil-Less deep Fryer

Our 10 best favorite Oil-Less deep fryer

Seb AL801000 ACTIFRY

This is the new entry-level model of the famous brand Seb. This
Oil-Less Fryer will cook 1 kg of fries with only one spoon of oil for an exceptional result. One can also vary the oils on this model with oil rich in Omega 3, flavored ... The Actifry technology SEB was used for this model: it is a forced hot air system for optimized traffic air. Like all fryers range, this model is equipped with easy cleaning technology: a simple sponge and after cooking fryer is clean! The power of 1400 W of the apparatus is largely sufficient to cook french fries. Unfortunately the automatic stop and the LCD monitor screen are missing from this model.
We recommend this Oil-Less deep Fryer for people wanting a product with a good price / quality ratio

seb actifry fz 750000 express

This latest model in the range Actifry is an intermediate version between the Express Actifry Actifry and the original database. This means that it is able to receive 1kg of chips as the original Actifry for one spoonful of oil, but it is 25% faster with fries ready in under 30 minutes. The easy cleaning technology is also present for cleaning a sponge. Use of this model is simplified with an automatic stirring system and 500 recipes available on the application of the model. The power here is also 1400W but the LCD and automatic shutdown are absent.

We recommend this model for people wishing rapid and sustainable product.

Seb Actifry Fryer AH900000

With the Actifry system, all foods have the same type of cooking, because the heat is evenly distributed. With its 1400 W of power, this fryer is largely able to prepare crispy fries. Automatic cooking on this model is fairly advanced: the Actifry system allows good air circulation, a circulation system is present and an automatic reversal mode brings fry your fries all sides. The total capacity of the fryer has been improved compared to basic models with a total capacity of 1.5 Kg. The seller's main argument is the possibility to cook several foods at the same time.

We recommend this model Oil-Less deep Fryer for people wishing to do more than fries with their machines

Seb FZ2000

Although she did not received good ratings on Amazon until now, this small fryer is able to prepare a lot of chips with only one spoonful of oil thanks to the Actifry technology. The power of the device was reduced compared to other models in the same range as it happens here at 1200 W. That still remains sufficient to prepare cooked fries. The total capacity of the fryer to see also in diminished: it happens here has a 0.6kg instead of a Kilo. This amount remains sufficient for a meal has 4 people. A status screen is present on the device to control the cooking at best. We regret this model a little more careful design.
We recommend this model from Oil-Less deep Fryer to people who will make fries for less than 4 people.

Klarstein VitAir Turbo

This is a very complete machine that allows for varied recipes. In addition to the chips, it allows you to cook steaks, pizzas, cakes, skewers and many others. Machine Klarstein has a power of 1400 W for a uniform heat distribution. As for models of SEB, this power is more than enough to cook fries. The machine has several manual or automated programs to prepare many different dishes. We especially appreciate the temperature control knob between 50 degrees and 230 degrees. Automatic shutdown is present on this model from Oil-Less deep fryer which we had missed on some models of SEB.
  We recommend this model fryer people wishing effective and capable fryer to

Seb ZV970100

This is version 2 in 1 is able to perform once a full meal thanks to its 3 independent cooking zones. Each area has its particularity, if the basket is dedicated to fry, grill pan used to cook meats and large perforated container is suitable for large rooms. This is the main argument of this machine and that we liked in our tests. The total capacity of the unit is 1.5 Kg of chips which is more than most of the products of the brand SEB. Power level, it was improved from a 1550 Watts and allow us to cook any food. The control LCD is convenient to set the baking chips.
We recommend this model  of Oil-Less deep fryer all persons seeking a high-end device that can cook a variety of foods.

Tefal Actifry FZ7000

Neat design, it has a transparent cover that allows you to control the cooking that does not last more than 30 minutes. This Oil-Less deep fryer SEB is able to contain 1 kg of chips for only 1 tablespoon of oil supplied. The power of 1400 W will be enough to prepare delicious fries. The easy cleaning technology to wash the cooking bowl into a sponge. This is the basic model of SEB Actifry brand.
We recommend this model for people wishing a powerful and effective but cheap fryer

Delonghi fryer DF 840 931 

With a solid structure, this fryer is resistant to everyday shocks. This is also why it is bought at an expensive price. Able to prepare cakes and various salty preparations, machine DeLonghi is truly complete. We appreciate the power of 1400 W of the machine. SHS pro dual system (Surround heating system) allows a double heating system which we all of attracted on. The device is equipped with an LCD screen and automatic shutdown system. Simplicity and variety of the system won us and this is a multi-cooker that we preferred.

We recommend this model of Oil-Less deep fryer has all those wanting a high performance multi-cooker and compatible with cooking fries.

Philips HD9220/20 Air Fryer 

This model without oil very design gives you the opportunity to prepare French fries in a record time of 12 minutes, hence its uniqueness. The technology used here by philips is Rapid'Air allowing up to 80% fat and less. The capacity of the cooking bowl is a little lower than the SEB standard models with capacity of 800 Gr. Many gadgets come improve the user experience as the cold grip to take the safe device or tank non-stick coating for easy cleaning. A cookbook is included with the unit and an automatic stop system allows for energy savings.

We recommend this product(Oil Less deep fryer) for people wishing a device capable of preparing good fried potatoes

The advantages of this appliance without oil

Unlike conventional fryers in which the potatoes are immersed in boiling oil, without oil fryer uses a very different method of cooking. With fries, just one spoonful of oil per batch, but no addition to frozen french fries. Thus, the fryer without oil allows you to keep your line. In addition, the chips obtained contain no more than 3% fat.

 Therefore, they are light and crispy, as the taste of oil is less present. Therefore, if you prefer the taste of classic French fries, you can add a tablespoon of extra oil. In addition to allowing healthier cooking, the Oil Less deep fryer is safer. It turns out that the risk of injury is minimized due to its cold walls. Then, the integrated window on the lid gives a cooking control without risk. For some systems, it is even possible to limit the condensation on the window.
Choosing your Oil-Less deep fryer
The choice of material depends on several criteria. Apart from the type of fryer, that is to say, the system he uses, there are different things that relate to the characteristics to choose your fryer.
The different types of Oil-Less deep fryer
Conventional fryers

 This model has recourse to resistance to heat the oil bath. It works with oil for frying. Otherwise, the conventional fryer is usually provided with a cover with an anti-odor and an oil filtration system filters. Very greedy oil, it consumes about 1.5 liters to 4 liters in the oven according to his ability.
The semi-professional fryers cold zone:
The system of this type of fryer is like the one used in restaurants where resistance is directly immersed in the oil. The area at the bottom of the tank is called "cold zone" because the temperature is lower, and the residues fall into the cold zone without charring.

 Consequently, this model generates fewer odors without leaving any residue on the chips and the basket. Anyway, this system is very convenient, especially for cooking other foods fried like donuts. Then, the oil stays healthy longer.
Fryers hot fireplace:
This is a new system, patented by Seb. Very economical, one spoonful of oil is enough to get small chips containing less than 3% fat. In fact, the SEB Actifry technology or other technologies competing circulate hot air in a vessel equipped with a blade. In this way, foods are cooked and stirred constantly with a spoon only. As the elements of this appliance without oil are available in the dishwasher, maintenance is easier.

Initially, it will focus your attention on the volume or the capacity of the fryer, namely the basket. The larger models have been designed for large families and gourmets. This includes fryers over 1kg where the cooking is done in a single tour.

To determine the capacity that suits you, there are usually 150 to 200g of fries per person, no 300g for big appetites. However, the capacity ranges from 700g to 1.5kg. As for the oil capacity, it varies from 1.2 to 5 liters maximum. In principle, the amounts indicated are provided for fresh fries. However, the amount is reduced if you use frozen chips. A capacity of 1.3kg of fresh chips is equivalent to 1kg of frozen chips.
The power

The heating time of the cooking oil and greatly depends on the power of the device. The less powerful, and more oil is hard to heat. A fryer needs at least 1.000W, especially for cooking frozen food. In fact, the oil bath is cooled when you dive into it and the rise in temperature must be done quickly. Good fryer must also include an adjustable thermostat from 150 to 190 ° C. So you can adjust the cooking temperature suitable depending on the recipe.

Cooking time

You have the ability to control the cooking time with the integrated timer. The display will indicate the cooking time remaining. Moreover, the end of cooking is often warned by an audible alarm. On average, the cooking time is 12 minutes with small appliances. By cons, it takes longer for a large fryer.
The various elements of the Oil-Less deep fryer
·         The removable tank: different elements of friteuseil is the basket that accommodates foods. She has a very practical function. The fact that it can be easily removed for easy cleaning of the tank into the sink or the dishwasher and the oil filtering to remove residues of cooking.
·         The odor systems: the fryer is different filters, the active carbon filter, the odor foam filter and carbon filter. These filtering systems must be replaced after several uses.
·         The lid: the opening of the fryer can be automatic or manual, depending on the model. However, it is recommended to opt for one that has a window to be able to control the cooking, specifically the evolution of browning.
·         Handle: This element is used to raise and lower the basket. She is rotating on some models, allowing you to shake the basket to drain the oil.

Maintaining a fryer

This appliance needs to be maintained every day to preserve its condition and performance. The cleaning concerns both inside and outside of the fryer, whether for occasional use at home or professional. In all cases, maintenance of the fryer is required. Moreover, the manual usually book more specific cleaning instructions for each product. Some brands are even subject to proper washing procedures to it, hence the importance of the record.
The cleaning of the fryer
For its structure remains impeccable, clean it with a sponge soaked in detergent, such as dishwashing liquid for example. Do the same with the basket. Then allow everything to dry. Thus, you will give your appliances to its original appearance.

The cleaning of the tank
Just like washing other elements that make up the fryer, wash the inside of the tank with dishwashing detergent after emptying its oil. Wipe the tank before filling with oil again. Novice users often wonder, how often should you change the oil. On average, it must be changed every 10 uses or 12 at most. Avoid especially to add new oil to used oil.

The top of the fryer
After a few uses, the fat deposits are inevitable. They usually come to rest on top of the fryer. To make them disappear, degrease this part with paper towels soaked with rubbing alcohol.

How to succeed fries with this device?
As the fryer is dedicated to cooking any recipe fried with chips, here are some malignant tricks to make delicious homemade fries. First, it will choose a potato mealy flesh. In Europe, the Pont Neuf is one of the most popular for making chips. Then, to determine the potatoes, use a quality cut chips to obtain well-structured sticks of the same size. Then dip the preparation in cold water for fifteen minutes. This involves removing the starch starch for better cooking

 Then blot the water by placing chips in a clean absorbent cloth. In terms of cooking, the latter takes place in two steps. The first (first bath) lasts between 10 to 15 minutes with boiling oil from 130 to 150 ° C, just until chips soften so that the inside has the consistency of mashed potatoes. Before starting the second firing (Second bath), drain the chips by shaking the basket. Finally, again immerse the fries in oil heated to 180 ° C until golden brown. Admittedly, it's pretty easy to succeed fries.

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